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Hello, my name is Brian Kidd and I am a Web and Multimedia Developer. But what exactly does that mean?

Put succinctly, it means that I specialize in Web Design and Developing, Web Content Writing and Editing, and Audio and Video Production.

As a writer it means that I love to write and edit web content. I earned my first degree in Journalism from the University of Washington and was awarded The Excellence in Journalism from The Department of Communication. However, with regards to my career, writing is not the entire picture but a very important part of it.

Brian Kidd

As a musician and videographer it means I have an affection for audio and video production. Since owning my first Tascam 424 four track music recorder and also my first camcorder as a kid, I have been writing, recording and producing music and video content. Currently, I play and produce music in an electronic music act called Kylmyys and besides live performances we independently produce music for TV, film and radio and create music videos. However, like writing, audio and video production is not the entire picture, but a very imporant part of it.

Although I have a great affinity for the aforementioned fields, it was my introduction to the Web, and the many multimedia possibilities that it offered, that peaked my interest in Web Design and Developing. To create beautiful websites, some with pictures, music, videos, articles et-cetera, seemed like an impossible feat at first, especially since I had not written one line of code until I was well into my 20s. However, I bought an O'Reilly book about HTML, signed up for a Tripod account (yes I wrote 'Tripod') and as most noob programmers do, I typed in the phrase "Hello World!" into the text editor. Once I saw those words live for anyone online in the entire world to see, my eyes widened as I knew this would be the beginning of a lifelong dedication to contributing quality content to the Web, with both passion and precision.

After receiving a degree in Web Application Programming and several programming certs, the picture of my career path is complete. Currently my concentrations are on Front End Design and Developing along with UX Design. Please See my CV below for more information.

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0%=Beginner; 100%=Expert.

Front End Web Developing

UX/UI Design


Web Content Writing and Editing



The essential markup language to build any website. I love HTML5.


I love using CSS3 to style and arrange websites and make them responsive for all devices.

png logo


JavsScript completes my Holy Trinity of front end development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

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I use php mostly as a server-side language, especially with MySql.

Web Content Writing & Editing

I have as much love for computer languages as I do for written prose.

Audio/Video Production

I am also a musician and videographer.

My Latest Projects

music for programmers

Online Developer Plus

In Process: Building Website for Online Programming School

GitHub Live Demo
react gallery

React Gallery App

This image gallery app was created using React. Using React Router, routes are set up for three default topic pages and a search page. Images are displayed from the Flickr API using Axios to fetch data. The project was created as part of the Treehouse Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree

GitHub Live Demo
steves cafe

Steves Cafe

A Website for a Mom and Pop Diner

GitHub Live Demo
phrase hunter

Game Show App

A JavaScript Game App: Phrase Hunter

GitHub Live Demo
express portfolio

Express Portfolio App

Static Node.js and Express Portfolio

GitHub Live Demo
life seed acupuncture

Life Seed Acupuncture Website

Website created for Seattle Acupuncturist

GitHub Live Demo
milton news and brief

Company News Letter

Last Edition of Internal News Letter for Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle

Live Demo
SQL Library Manager

SQL Library Manager

This web app is for a fictional library to help them manage their collection of books. It includes pages to list, add, update, and delete books using JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Pug, and the SQL ORM Sequelize. This project was created for the purpose of the Treehouse Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree.

GitHub Live Demo
music for programmers

Music for Programmers

Music release from Kylmyys

Live Demo
design critique

UX Design Critiques

UX Design Critique of two websites, including color crituqes and empathy maps

weather app proto

Signup Form Wireframe

Wireframe for a pet adoption signup form created with Balsamiq

weather app proto

Weather App Prototype

Interactive weather map app prototype designed in Figma

Design Prototype
weather app proto

Blog Wireframe

A wireframe for a cooking blog created using Adobe XD

Deliverables Wireframe

What Clients and Managers Say

Latest Blogs



I’m no doctor, but recently with the help of my own research and a naturopathic doctor, I have been able to demystify my health issues, which seemed to increase in my 30s and now in my early 40s...

multimedia developing
Multimedia Developing

Multimedia Developing

This week was a week of finding patience in refining my crafts. I decided to give Mobirise a chance as a way to build lightweight websites on the fly. These websites are supposed to be mobile-friendly, and they are, for the most part. That is if you stay within the...

music licensing
Music Licensing

Producing Music for Licensing

By trade, I am a Web Developer. However, I am also a musician and own a company called Kylmyys Media. According to some, including Jesse at MusicMakesCash, there is an abundance of money to be made by licensing your music for television, radio, movies and commercials...

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